How To Buy An Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

Making egg trays can be a great idea for a small business. You can supply your local food shops and grocery stores with this product, while also helping your neighbors recycle their paper waste. Here’s how you can find a reliable manufacturer to buy your fully automatic egg tray machine from.

automatic egg tray machine
automatic egg tray machine

The first thing to consider is that buying such equipment directly from the manufacturer may offer you some important advantages. You”ll benefit from better deals, as you won’t have to also pay the profit of the middleman. You’ll have better technical support and assistance. You’ll have access to better documentation. This list could go on for a while, but you’ve hopefully understood the main point, which is to seek for manufacturers rather than retailers of such machines.

The other idea to keep in mind is that you should be open to buying this machine from abroad. Why get it from a local company, when you can benefit from the same quality at a better price in China, Pakistan, or India? These manufacturers are also able to deliver top-notch quality. However, they are able to sell their machines for less, as their production and overhead costs are much smaller than the ones of your local factories. Click here to know more:

Before starting your research, you should know what to look for in an automatic egg tray making machine. What technical specifications do you need it to have? How many trays do you want to make per day? How many of them should you make per hour? Knowing the answers to all these questions will enable you to calculate the characteristics of your ideal machine. Of course, you should also think about some budget limits.

Once you’re clear about all these, you can go ahead and search for such machines online. It matters less which search engine you use, as they will all deliver enough results for you to make an informed choice. The secret to making a great purchase is to choose a reliable and experienced company, someone who already has a lot of happy customers all over the world. This means that you should check out the work experience and the reputation of all potential sellers, in order to cope up with a shortlist of reliable ones. Check out their quality assurance procedures, as well as some client reviews and testimonials. If you want to buy Beston manual egg tray making machine from a reliable manufacturer, chances are you’re going to find their business listed in AliBaba or in other major busienss directories. This also means that you may find customer reviews with ease, as these directories offer their users this opportunity to rate and review businesses they’ve worked with.

paper egg trays

It is very important that you don’t buy from the first manufacturer you find online. Always try to find at least three different options to compare them side by side. Compare warranties, the quality of their customer service departments, the delivery terms, and anything else that may influence your experience. Also, compare prices, but avoid going for the cheapest machine you can find. If a deal looks to good to be true, it probably is, so steer away from it!

Amazing Features of Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

Do you wish to invest in waste recycling ventures and make huge profits? Are you interested in converting waste into useful products? If yes, invest in the automatic egg tray machine. Without putting in too much capital, you can start a profitable venture quickly. Earlier, eggs were stored and transported through plastic trays.

However, with growing awareness on the dangers of plastic, many businesses are focused on using alternatives to plastic boxes. This is where the environmental-friendly paper trays come into action. By installing the automatic egg tray making machine from Beston Machinery, you could do away with plastic and make paper trays and boxes using paper and water waste. Making paper trays involves pulping and molding as well as forming and drying processes.

Automatic Egg Tray Machine Sale
Automatic Egg Tray Machine Sale

Products of Egg Tray Machine

Paper box or tray is the main product discharged by this innovative waste recycling equipment. However, you can make many other products using this highly flexible plant. All you’ve to do is change the mould to make other products. Here you should note that the raw materials won’t change. You’ll use the same materials such as sugarcane pulp, water waste, waste paper, and other materials. However, the end products will be totally different. By changing the mould, you can make paper fruit trays, egg cartons, bottle trays as well as other items.

Features of Automatic Egg Tray Machine

This innovative waste recycling equipment offers a multitude of services to any business. Also, it’s relevant to businesses of all types and levels. Some of the highlighting features of this plant are listed below.

Innovative design

Modern egg tray plants come with an innovative design. Unlike manual or semi-automatic egg tray making machine, automatic plants are filled with some of the most striking features that only streamline the production process. For instance, automatic machines are production-oriented. They’re able to recycle a big chunk of waste in a lot less time.

Egg Tray Making Machine in India
Egg Tray Making Machine in India

Also, they come with a number of automated components. For example, the safety devices in modern plants come fully-equipped. The chances of accidents and mishaps to the plant are almost negligible. If anything goes wrong during the production cycle, the machine will send warnings. The equipment will also stop automatically and avoid any injuries to the operator.


One of the biggest problems faced by any business when installing waste recycling equipment is big investment. These are heavy duty machines that work 24 hours round the clock. To withstand constant usage and uninterrupted production, each of the plants is made out of durable materials.

Also, the plant capacity is immense. All these things increase the cost of the project. However, the egg tray maker plant isn’t too expensive. With a modest capital, even budget investors can install the automatic egg tray making machine and start production quickly.

Make varied products from waste

Making wealth from waste is not uncommon. You’ll come across a series of plants dedicated to waste recycling. As well as reusing waste, such machines let you book profits. So what’s so special about the egg tray maker? Well, the egg crate making machine lets you create a wide variety of products from waste.

That means you can make many other products from paper and sugarcane waste. Of course, the primary end product is the paper egg tray. However, you can also make paper fruit trays, paper egg carton, and many other items with this flexible machine.

Such flexibility keeps the machine going throughout the year no matter how bad the economic conditions are. If you find that the demand for egg tray is decreasing due to some reasons, you can change the mould and start making paper fruit trays or other products as per market requirements. In this way, you can ensure uninterrupted production all throughout the year.

Final Thoughts

Investing in the automatic egg tray machine offered by Beston Machinery is a great way to nix unwanted waste from the environment. Also, you get to make huge profits in the process. By putting a reasonable amount, you could start collecting big profits from the first day of production. On account of these amazing benefits, many businessmen now invest in this waste recycling machine to turn waste into cash. If you’re an environment-conscious business, install this sophisticated plant and get started in the world of waste to wealth.

Top Pulp Molding Machine Manufacturer in China – Beston Machinery

Pulp molding machine is a device that is used to produce packaging products by conforming paper pulps into different shapes and patterns. The packaging products include milk boxes, paper shoe stretchers, egg cartons, and paper molded egg trays. The pulp molding machine is a popular design for making pulp products that are utilized in different applications.

Beston paper pulp molding machine possesses excellent characteristics that make it have high working efficiency. The most popular products are egg tray making machine and egg carton machine for sale. Beston is one of the leading pulp molding machine manufacturers in China that distributes waste to energy plants to many countries across the world.

Egg Tray Machine for Sale
Egg Tray Machine for Sale

Main Types of Pulp Molding Machines

There are four different types of pulp molding machines that are designed to meet the customers’ preferences and budget.

1. Small Pulp Molding Plant

The small pulp tray molding plants have only one side and can hold 1000-1500 pieces. Natural drying should be used here because the machinery does not employ artificial drying mechanisms.

2. Semi-Automatic Molding Plant

They have four sides and have capacities ranging from 2000-2500 pieces. In these designs, conveyor drying and brick drying methods should be used.

3. Automatic Pulp Molding Plant

The plant can either have eight or four sides and have a higher capacity that can suit large scale production needs. The most effective method that can be used in automatic egg tray making machine is the metal drying system.

Automatic Egg Tray Drying System
Automatic Egg Tray Drying System

Essential Components of the Pulp Molding Machine

The following points outline the parts of the pulp molding machine that work together to produce the end product,1. Molding Dies- Molding dies are used to make different shapes, different sizes, different appearances, and different spacings between the grooves.2. Vacuum Pump- The pump is used to remove water from the molds and at the same time attach the fiber of the pulp to the molds.3. Air Compressor- The air compressor is used to remove the molded products from the dies during the pulp molding process.4. Cleaning Machine- The cleaning device is used for flushing out the pulp that remains on the molds after the demolding process. The cleaning device can be a cleaning sink or a high-pressure cleaning pump. Here is a video for you to know the egg tray making process better.

Working Principle of the Pulp Molding Machine

Paper pulp is put in the forming molds of the machine.- The vacuum pump presses the pulp materials on the forming molds removing any water that was present in them.- The water removed is directed to a wastewater pool from where it is recycled. – The pulp is shaped depending on the shapes of the forming folds to produce the end product.- After the demolding process, the dies are cleaned by the cleaning devices to prepare them for the next process.

Advantages of the Beston Pulp Molding Machine

1. The machine is environmentally friendly and helps conserve the environment by taking waste papers and converting them into useful pulp molded products.2. The pulp molding machine is affordable and can comfortably fit your budget.3. The working principle of the pulp molding machine is easy to understand making the operation of the device an easier task.4. The pulp molding machine is simple in construction, and this makes it easier to install reducing the installation time.

Various Pulp Molded Products
Various Pulp Molded Products

How to Reduce the Price of the Pulp Molding Machine

1. Use Other Processing Machines- Ordering other related devices to enhance the pulp molding process is key at improving the efficiency of the plant. The machines could be used for hot pressing and packaging. 2. Ordering Reliable Drying Systems- Beston Company provides metal conveyor drying systems, brick drying systems, natural drying systems, and brick-conveyor drying systems. Selecting the appropriate drying system for your plant is key to improving your production capacity. 3. Choosing the Appropriate Model- Understanding your daily demands will also help you select the best machine to suit your manufacturing needs.

Prices of Pulp Molding Machines

The egg tray machine price varies depending on 1. The type of machine- The automatic machine costs more than the manual egg tray machine. 2. The type of drying system used- Pulp molding machines that use natural drying means cost less than those that use vacuum pumps. 3. The capacity that can be produced in a day- Pulp molding plants that produce more pieces per day cost more than those that produce fewer pieces. 4. The size of the machine- Large machines cost more than small pulp molding machines.

In conclusion, understanding the various types of pulp molding machines, their production capacities, their advantages, and their principles of operation is critical when it comes to selecting the best pulp molding machine to purchase.