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Pulp molding machine is a device that is used to produce packaging products by conforming paper pulps into different shapes and patterns. The packaging products include milk boxes, paper shoe stretchers, egg cartons, and paper molded egg trays. The pulp molding machine is a popular design for making pulp products that are utilized in different applications.

Beston paper pulp molding machine possesses excellent characteristics that make it have high working efficiency. The most popular products are egg tray making machine and egg carton machine for sale. Beston is one of the leading pulp molding machine manufacturers in China that distributes waste to energy plants to many countries across the world.

Egg Tray Machine for Sale
Egg Tray Machine for Sale

Main Types of Pulp Molding Machines

There are four different types of pulp molding machines that are designed to meet the customers’ preferences and budget.

1. Small Pulp Molding Plant

The small pulp tray molding plants have only one side and can hold 1000-1500 pieces. Natural drying should be used here because the machinery does not employ artificial drying mechanisms.

2. Semi-Automatic Molding Plant

They have four sides and have capacities ranging from 2000-2500 pieces. In these designs, conveyor drying and brick drying methods should be used.

3. Automatic Pulp Molding Plant

The plant can either have eight or four sides and have a higher capacity that can suit large scale production needs. The most effective method that can be used in automatic egg tray making machine is the metal drying system.

Automatic Egg Tray Drying System
Automatic Egg Tray Drying System

Essential Components of the Pulp Molding Machine

The following points outline the parts of the pulp molding machine that work together to produce the end product,1. Molding Dies- Molding dies are used to make different shapes, different sizes, different appearances, and different spacings between the grooves.2. Vacuum Pump- The pump is used to remove water from the molds and at the same time attach the fiber of the pulp to the molds.3. Air Compressor- The air compressor is used to remove the molded products from the dies during the pulp molding process.4. Cleaning Machine- The cleaning device is used for flushing out the pulp that remains on the molds after the demolding process. The cleaning device can be a cleaning sink or a high-pressure cleaning pump. Here is a video for you to know the egg tray making process better.

Working Principle of the Pulp Molding Machine

Paper pulp is put in the forming molds of the machine.- The vacuum pump presses the pulp materials on the forming molds removing any water that was present in them.- The water removed is directed to a wastewater pool from where it is recycled. – The pulp is shaped depending on the shapes of the forming folds to produce the end product.- After the demolding process, the dies are cleaned by the cleaning devices to prepare them for the next process.

Advantages of the Beston Pulp Molding Machine

1. The machine is environmentally friendly and helps conserve the environment by taking waste papers and converting them into useful pulp molded products.2. The pulp molding machine is affordable and can comfortably fit your budget.3. The working principle of the pulp molding machine is easy to understand making the operation of the device an easier task.4. The pulp molding machine is simple in construction, and this makes it easier to install reducing the installation time.

Various Pulp Molded Products
Various Pulp Molded Products

How to Reduce the Price of the Pulp Molding Machine

1. Use Other Processing Machines- Ordering other related devices to enhance the pulp molding process is key at improving the efficiency of the plant. The machines could be used for hot pressing and packaging. 2. Ordering Reliable Drying Systems- Beston Company provides metal conveyor drying systems, brick drying systems, natural drying systems, and brick-conveyor drying systems. Selecting the appropriate drying system for your plant is key to improving your production capacity. 3. Choosing the Appropriate Model- Understanding your daily demands will also help you select the best machine to suit your manufacturing needs.

Prices of Pulp Molding Machines

The egg tray machine price varies depending on 1. The type of machine- The automatic machine costs more than the manual egg tray machine. 2. The type of drying system used- Pulp molding machines that use natural drying means cost less than those that use vacuum pumps. 3. The capacity that can be produced in a day- Pulp molding plants that produce more pieces per day cost more than those that produce fewer pieces. 4. The size of the machine- Large machines cost more than small pulp molding machines.

In conclusion, understanding the various types of pulp molding machines, their production capacities, their advantages, and their principles of operation is critical when it comes to selecting the best pulp molding machine to purchase.